Your Top 15 Questions Answered about the Brow Stamp™ MALVI PARIS - MALVI PARIS

Your Top 15 Questions Answered about the Brow Stamp™ MALVI PARIS

You have questions about the Brow Stamp™ and we have the answers!

We created the Brow Stamp™ to make getting ready in the morning as painless as possible for you!

Of course this new product comes with a TON of questions, and we are here to answer them for you. Below are some of the most common questions from our customers. 
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Who is the Brow Stamp™ made for?

EVERYONE...duh! The Brow Stamp™ is an amazing brow-perfecting product and shaping tool for every brow shape, skin type, tone and age. This is great for people with little to no brow hair and for people with very thick brow hair!

Can you use this as a pre-draw method for microblading artists?

This product was not created to be used during the blading portion of the appointment, however it is an amazing tool and resource for brow artists. We recommend if you are to use this as a part of the procedure, then simply use the Brow Stamp™ to pick a stencil size and/or coloration with your client! Doing this will give you and them an amazing visual as to how the shape and color will look. This product is not suitable to have on during the actual procedure. 

What other beauty applications can you use the Brow Stamp™ for?

The brow stamp can be used by professionals on clients in many ways:

-During or post waxing- you can stamp the brow on your client and wax around the shape or stamp on after waxing is complete.

-Pre-draw for brow tint or henna (not microblading or anything that opens the skin).

-Great for lash artist after pictures (this can also help you up-sell clients to other services).

-An amazing resource for makeup artists.

-Great for retail and up sell for artists, hairstylists, aestheticians etc (wholesale pricing etc coming soon- if you have any questions email

Can you use this product if you have microblading?

Absolutely! This product can be used on brows with or without permanent makeup, henna or tinting. This is a daily use makeup product. 

 What is the consistency of the product inside of the The Brow Stamp™?

The consistency is a pomade/gel hybrid consistency. The formulation is buildable, water resistant and long wearing (even on your most oily days!) It goes on smoothly to skin and hair, and dries to a matte finish.

What skin type is this good for?

ANY! This Brow Stamp™ is great for all skin types: normal, sensitive, oily, dry, or a combination. Your brows will even stay in place on the most oily days!

Is it waterproof?

The  Brow Stamp™ is water resistant- it will stay on during a sweaty workout and even a dip in the pool!

What colors do the  Brow Stamp™ come in?

The Brow Stamp™ comes in 3 colors: Medium Brown, Dark Brown, and Nearly Black. More colors coming soon later!

How do I build the color?

The stamp color is buildable, which makes it easy to transition from no makeup to full glam. Just simply add an additional layer (remember to start from the back of the brow and work your way to the front to achieve a soft and gorgeous ombre look).

What does the Brow Stamp™ come with?

Each Kit Includes:

1 Brow Stamp™ (Color of your choice)

10 Stencils

1 Brow brush

1 On-the-go zipper pouch

How do you apply the Brow Stamp™?

1. Untwist to open the Brow Stamp™ and choose the brown design that is most fitting to your brow shape.

2. Hold the stencil on brow area with a widened 'two-finger' hold.

3. Take the sponge end of the Brow Stamp™ and begin to pat your brow starting from the tail and finishing at the front.

4. Take a brow brush and brush through your brows to distribute and soften the look of the makeup.

5. Wipe off any excess product from stencil- flip over and stamp the other side for perfectly shaped brows that will last ALL day!

"I don’t know what Brow Stamp™ color to get… Help!"


Don’t worry- WE ARE HERE TO HELP! . However- if you have any other questions PLEASE EMAIL US at Contact Us.

How do I choose the right stencil shape?

Each Brow Stamp™ kit comes with 10 stencils you can choose from. Choose the smaller stencil size closest to your natural growth. You can use a bigger stencil size for a full face of makeup! 

Check out our cheat sheet below:

#1 - Our thinnest “low profile” brow shape. This stencil is great for people with very little to no natural hair growth, who have a low brow bone.

#2 - This brow stencil is our thinnest brow shape and is great for people with little to no natural hair growth.

#3 - Our medium-width “low profile” brow shape. This stencil is great for people with a medium amount of natural hair growth and who have a low brow bone.

#4 - This brow stencil is our medium-width brow shape and is great for people with a medium amount of natural hair growth.

#5 - Our thickest-width “low profile” brow shape. This stencil is great for people with a large amount of natural hair growth that also have a low brow bone.

Are there any other tips and tricks?

1. Always start from the outside tail of the brow and work your way in to the nose- this helps achieve the ombre look, which looks natural and compliments the eyes.

2. Brush out any areas where you have applied too much product with the brow spoolie (brush very gently to maintain the shape)

3. We love finishing our brows with a strong holding brow gel- this gives the brows a perfectly manicured and naturally fuller feel!

What if my brow doesn’t perfectly align to the stencil?

Simple! Just fill in the portion that fits with your brow, and then angle the stencil to fit the rest. *One thing to note* If you are finding the stencils are nowhere near your brow shape- we would recommend cleaning up the hair around the stencil or even looking at our Brow design shapes that comes with the Kit.

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