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Why the French Bob haircut makes us say oui!

What is it about French style that we just can’t get enough of? 

From model Kaia Gerber to Anya Taylor-Joy’s character, Beth Harmon in The Queen’s Gambit, the bob haircut–specifically, the French bob haircut has taken over 2020 and for this we say merci to our French femmes.

The crisp edges accompanied by bangs is said to originate in the 1920s when the jazz age and flapper style (Hello, Mr. Gatsby) took the world by storm. As they say in fashion, what’s old becomes new again. We’ve seen it with scrunchies, perms, and now we see it in short hairstyles. The French bob has been seen on the catwalk, popular Netflix shows, and of course, the Instagram accounts of our favorite – and most stylish celebrities. 

So, what makes the French bob haircut different from the regular bob haircut? It is all about the length and style of cut. A French bob haircut should hit the jawline and is cut with a bit of a straight edge as opposed to a layered or rounded cut, which is different than your typical bob or lob style.The French bob haircut can also vary in length slightly. If you’re looking for a French bob that’s a little longer, ask your stylist to cut the hair to line up with your lips. 

The French bob can be unique to each wearer. Your hair type and texture will definitely influence the look and will also affect the maintenance. Full transparency, the French bob will take a bit more upkeep in terms of trims and cuts. Depending on how fast your hair grows, a trim may be needed every 6 weeks. To maintain blunt bangs with your bob, every other week or every third week is the typical timeline to keep the bangs sharp. The trims to maintain the short length can be done at home, but if you’d rather leave it up to the professionals, consult your stylists on a schedule that works best for your hair. For the in-between stages, or when you simply want to change things up, hair extensions are always an easy and quick way to add length and switch up your short style.

If you’re ready to make them say “Oh la la”

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